Minor in Russian Studies

A minor in Russian requires the completion of 20 credit hours. All courses used to fulfill requirements for the minor must receive a grade of C- or better. (None may be taken pass/fail.)

Students may not apply more than 9 hours of transfer credit (including 6 upper division credits) towards the minor. Transfer courses must be approved by the Department.

____ RUSS 2010 Second-Year Russian 1   4 hrs.1
____ RUSS 2020 Second-Year Russian 2   4 hrs.
____ RUSS 2211* Introduction to Russian Culture OR  
  RUSS 2221* Introduction to Modern Russian Culture OR  
  RUSS 3601* Russian Culture Past and Present   3 hrs.
____ RUSS 3010 Third-Year Russian 1 OR 3 hrs.
  Any 3000-4000 level Russian lit./film/culture course    
____ RUSS 4811* Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature OR 3 hrs.
  RUSS 4821* Twentieth-Century Russian Literature and Art    
____ One additional 2000-4000 level RUSS COURSE   3 hrs.

* = core course

1 Heritage speakers should take RUSS 3060 Russian for Heritage Speakers I (3 hrs) and RUSS 4060 Russian for Heritage Speakers II (3 hrs) as well as any other 4000-level Russian language course in lieu of RUSS 2010 and RUSS 2020. In this case 18 credit hours will be sufficient for a minor, if other requirements are fulfilled.

A&S Policy on Enrollment in Undergraduate Language Courses