Study Abroad in Germany

Undergraduate Programs

Universität Regensburg

Academic year or spring semester; most subjects. Students are fully integrated into German university life at the University of Regensburg. CU-Boulder resident director on-site. Students live in Regensburg student dormitories.  Click here for quotes from students that have participated in the Regensberg Study Abroad program.
Prerequisites:  junior standing, four semesters of German. 
Application Deadline:  March 1st for the academic year and October 1 for the spring semester.
Applications are to be submitted to the Office of International Education.

Global Studies Seminar in Berlin

Professor Patrick Greaney's course introduces students to debates about politics and the arts in early twentieth-century Berlin. The German capital was one of the most important centers for European political and cultural developments during the turbulent years of the Weimar Republic (1918-1933), which saw the emergence of a number of revolutionary movements in literature, the arts, and design, including Expressionism, Dada, and Bauhaus. Berlin was also a center for Jewish culture in Germany and for social and political emancipation movements for women and sexual minorities. Students will read major texts by and about literary, artistic, and political figures of the Weimar Republic. The course includes visits to museums and monuments and day trips to neighborhoods and sites in and around Berlin.
Prerequisites: Sophomore standing, 2.75 GPA.
Application Deadline: March 1st.
Applications are to be submitted to the Office of International Education.

Freie Universität Berlin International Summer University (FUBiS)

Spend your Summer in Berlin! All levels of German language are offered, as well as German literature, politics, film, music, and much more.  FUBiS is an intensive summer program that seeks to bring together students from all over the world to promote international education and cross-cultural understanding. FUBiS is designed to serve international students (non-German citizens).  The six week summer session is generally held from mid-May to mid-July.  The four week summer session is generally held from mid-July to mid-August. Students are welcome to take one or both sessions.
Prerequisites:  Knowledge of the German language is not necessary.
Application Deadline:  March 1st.

Freie Universität Berlin Academic Year Program

Attend a leading German university for a full academic year. The Free University of Berlin is located in a pleasant suburb that offers easy access to Berlin. Students participating in this program can study most subjects, and are fully integrated into university life.
Prerequisites:  junior standing; 6 semesters of college-level German (GRMN 3020), or GRMN 2020 plus intensive pre-semester course in Berlin.
Application Deadline:  March 1st.
Applications are to be submitted to the Office of International Education.

Graduate Programs

Universities of Göttingen and Regensburg

One year (10 months) of study, from mid-October to the end of July.

Number of positions: One at each university.
Benefits: Matriculation plus a monthly stipend for living expenses, and housing in a dorm.
Application Deadline: February 15.
Applications are to be submitted to the Office of International Education.   Note:  German citizens are not eligible for the Regensburg exchange program, but are eligible for the Göttingen exchange program.  For more information on graduate exchange programs in Germany click here.

For more information on Study Abroad programs, scholarships and for applications contact the Office of International Education, UCB 123, Boulder, CO 80309, (303) 492-7741. Alternatively, you can visit their website at